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Opening electric gate with smartphone app

How to open your gate with your smartphone

For a long time when entering our property, we had to stop the car, unlock and open the gates manually, drive in and then get out and close them. Not much fun in the pouring rain or on a boiling hot day!

A few years later we have automated our gates. Yet, even though a simple push of a button on a remote control is all that is needed to operate them, there are still a few things that annoy us with this.

Firstly we have to have a remote control for the gate in each vehicle. If we want to go out in a friend’s car we have to remember to take a remote with us and then to return it. Anyone that we want to give access to our property (eg. a cleaner or a gardener) also need a remote. We have to make sure that they return them when they don’t need them anymore!

The batteries in all these remotes need to be replaced regularly and everyone has to be careful not to lose their remote so as not to compromise our security. And if you get a replacement, you have to program the gate remote for it to work properly. Surely there must be a better solution!

There is and it is fantastic. I recently installed a special interface (adaptor) which allows us to control the gate using our smartphones. No more worrying about remotes! We never go anywhere without our phones. Each of us has an app installed that lets us open and close the gate. My phone is an Android and other family members have iphones, but we are all able to operate the gates with them. The remotes still function as a backup and for anyone who doesn’t want to use their smartphone.

A few seconds was all that it took to give the cleaner and the gardener access using their phones too.  At any time we can remove their ability to access our property if we want to. We can also limit their access to specific times and can see who went in and out, and when. We can even send a visitor a special code which will allow them access for as long as we want. At any stage we can cancel anyone’s access with just a few clicks.

On some models the app automatically pops up when we approach the gate just waiting for us to tell it to open or close them. Some are even able to work with a small “Etag” type device called a dongle. With one of these installed and a dongle in our car, we wouldn’t even have to use the smartphone for the gate.  As soon as the car approaches the gate will automatically open. What will they think of next?

Gate Gurus supplies a range of smartphone gate control interfaces.  Contact us to make your life simpler and easier on (03) 9052 4903  or via email on info@

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