Gate Gurus have all the accessories to keep you safe

Safety Beams

These work like the doors in a lift to stop the gates closing on a car or even on a person. Safety beams are reccomended even if if gates are manually controlled. For gates that are set to close automaticaly they are a must. We have a wide range and can supply the ones most suitable for your property

Remote Controls

Gate Gurus supply a wide range of remote controls. We can even supply remotes that will work with something other than your gates eg a garage door. If you email us a picture we can make sure that you are getting the correct one.


We have a wide keypads in various shapes and sizes to suit most properties. There are stand alone wireless units that can be mounted in any convenient location without requiring any extra wiring or power.

Smartphone controls

For the ultimate in convenience Gate Gurus can have your gates controlled by your iphone or android smartphone. Imagine just pushing a button on your phone to open your gates. No more remote controls to deal with!

Battery Backup

When the power is off for whatever reason a battery backup system will keep your gates running.Gate Gurus can supply battery backup systems for new and existing gates.

2 x Free Gate Resources

- How to fix your own gate: 5 point D.I.Y. checklist

- The 3 biggest mistakes people make when choosing automatic gates

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