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Electric gate remote control

What to do if your remote control is lost or stolen?

Here are the top 5 actions you should take if your remote control is lost or stolen:

1. Disconnect the power.

Your gate remote control like a key, should not have any identifying information on it, so if it is lost it won’t be traceable to your property. If it did have identifying information, then we recommend disconnecting the power until the gate can be made secure.

2. Change your code.

If there is a possibility that it can be linked to your address, then the programming code needs to be changed. Some remote control receivers can be reprogrammed by changing the position of small switches on the control board or receiver. The position of the switches on the other remotes should also be changed. Always disconnect the power before opening up any piece of electric equipment.

Other remotes require electronic programming which can vary according to the make and model of the receiver. This is usually best left to a qualified technician.

3. Switch to manual

You can still use your gate provided you switch to manual mode. Usually, a key is required. Once it’s unlocked, the gates can be opened and closed by hand. A chain & padlock can also be used to keep the gate locked temporarily for safety purposes.

4. Get a new remote (and a back up)

Obviously, you’ll need a new remote control. But be careful here because there are so many different makes and models that you can easily end up with one that doesn’t work properly. Be in touch with a gate expert to ensure you’re making the right choice.

And, this time, we recommend buying a spare remote, so you’re not stuck if it ever happens again.

5. Program your remote

The last step is program your new remote so it can communicate with your gate. Every remote and gate is different. In some cases, it’s relatively easy and you can do it yourself if you follow the instructions. Other gates are more complicated – especially if they don’t have switches – and require a gate expert to assist you. Learn how to program a gate remote control here.

That’s it. Good luck with your new remote. And let us know if you need any expert support or advice from a Gate Guru. We’re always happy to help.

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